Why Zinedroid Technology is the best Mobile Application developer and Webdesigner in Cochin and in all over Kerala?

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ZineDroid build not just any application or the websites. They are building a long term relationship.

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ZineDroid Technologies uses multiple technologies as name mentions. To achieve the best results, we must listen, discuss, learn, shape and reflect – and always keep going back to the start.We are a team of digital and analog specialists with the ability to keep our collective eye on the big picture.

We can’t do everything – but we can certainly do a lot.That’s what we can tackle:

  • Mobile Application development (IOS and Android)

  • Custom Web Designing

  • Domain Registration and Web Hosting

  • Enterprises Solutions

  • Designing and Branding

  • Digital marketing, Social Media Management and SEO

  • Video Editing

  • Advertisements

Mobile Application development - IOS and Android

We Provide the best mobile experience your users ever dreamt about.


With a strong focus on UX, our expert design team has been designing mobile apps (and only mobile apps), so we have learned from users what they like the most when they open an app on their smartphones.


All about quality! With a strong team of senior mobile developers, both iOS and Android, there is no challenge they can’t take. Be ready to hear these words: agile, lean, sprint, MVP and their favorite “let’s define it before we start coding”


A great app is always a work-in-progress. We offer our marketing team to help you connect with your audience and guide you through the best solutions in the mobile ecosystem.

Custom Web Designing

Expert web developers match your business needs with key software functionalities built into custom platforms that deliver consistent and effective experiences to your end-users.You have less than 3 seconds to keep a user on your website. Zinedroid offers professional and scalable web development services across all verticals: retail, hospitality, services, real estate, finance, medical, and many more. We develop Content Management Systems to integrate social media, newsletters, user logins, wordpress and customizable content. We design creative and engaging branding solutions with powerful database and eCommerce that lead to increase revenues.


ASP .Net

Build scalable, secure & robust applications using rich toolbox in Visual Studio.


We create custom web solutions using php, support standard & custom CMS.


Speed and agility in building applications in Rails resulting in shorter go to market time.


Make your website fully compatible with the next generation web standards.


Easy and quick to get started. Create an online store or add ecommerce to an existing site.


Offers flexible solutions that address a wide range of business needs and budgets.


You can manage blogs & products. One of the top open source php CMS options.


Seamlessly integrates into payment engines.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting

Our global infrastructure

Need to accelerate your go-to-market, support rapid growth of your digital resources or consolidate and streamline your IT infrastructure? Present on 5 continents, we provide innovative and secure digital infrastructures, suitable for professionals, startups, small and medium enterprises and large accounts. More than one million customers in 138 countries already rely on our infrastructure.

See our Hosting Plan :Advanced Hosting for professional developments

 One Plan One Price- 449 / month (₹5000/year- If purchase for 1year)

Unlimited Space / Transfer
SSL and Backups Selfservice
Free Unlimited email and chat accounts
Webmail with Groupware
PHP, ASP, Node.js, Ruby, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB , WordPress, PrestaShop, etc. unlimited

Enterprises Solutions

In a dynamically changing business environment, companies who want to gain competitive advantage must have the ability to adjusting quickly to the changing conditions and to using the solutions adequate to the field of activity and company size.  Our objective is to deliver solutions which, by using the latest technologies in an intelligent fashion, open up new perspectives for running a business and help stay ahead of the competition. Our product portfolio offers solutions for each company, from service and commercial companies through retail sales networks and accounting offices to micro companies and sole proprietorships. Moreover, according to the ERP 4.0 idea, we offer to our products a wide range of additional solutions which produce a fully integrated system supporting each aspect of business activity.

Designing and Branding


Our profound understanding of international markets combined with a solid track record means we’re skilled at recognising the complex business challenges our clients face, enabling us to respond with effective strategies that get results.


Getting under the skin of a business or product, identifying its essence, values and goals is the way we ensure the brands we create are relevant, memorable and successful.


We help our clients to promote their brands in the best, most appropriate environments by harnessing the full range of digital tools from the web and social media to film and virtual reality. 


Our multi-media expertise enables us to design integrated advertising campaigns that reach the desired audience in the most effective, relevant way, and are tracked to monitor success. 


From wayfinding to marketing suites and exhibition stands, we design the physical space and the marketing tools that ensure users are completely immersed in the brand experience.


In the digital age, print is still a powerful medium providing an unrivalled multi-sensorial brand experience. Our design skills and print knowledge enable us to make use of the latest materials, formats and print techniques.

Brand Incubation (Inventing)

ZineDroid develops start-up concepts and works with businesses aiming to launch brands. In some instances, our involvement goes beyond branding, marketing and design and we become more intimately associated with the operational, business development and financing aspects of the new brand.

Brand Acceleration (Getting to the next level)

ZineDroid  is often asked to work with clients trying to get to the next level. At times this means helping them take a step backwards to better understand their unique essence and position them for growth. Other times, it is looking ahead and capturing growth opportunities through communications, creative, strategy or business development and international expansion.

Brand Transformation (Re-Inventing)

Great brands live through cycles. At times they need to be re-invented and other times they simply need to shift gears and evolve. ZineDroid  , through private equity clients or directly with a business, specializes in rethinking a brand’s life-cycle and offering compelling ways of re-emerging stronger than ever.


Our services are best characterized as a combination of top tier business strategy consultancy and cutting edge creative shop. We are comfortable working with private equity firms, family businesses, publicly traded companies and entrepreneurs. Some of our services include:

  • Breakthrough (big) idea generation
  • New concept development (turnkey, from idea to execution)
  • Business strategy (growth, structuring)
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative services including advertising and design
  • Communications services including public relations, entertainment relations and media strategy
  • Digital services including web design, social media strategy, mobile marketing
  • Content development (digital, television, copy)
  • Cause marketing including campaigns, strategic partnerships, non-profit branding
  • Product development
  • Strategic alliance building
  • Business development and deal making through a network of world-renowned influencers
  • Capital contribution and investment

Digital marketing, Social Media Management and SEO

Digital Marketing

Your company or brand needs to be present online and unleash the power of digital media to achieve your business objectives. Devising new digital strategies to your business will help you in gaining visibility and differentiating your business from that of your competitors.

Silver Touch Technologies has managed to provide effective solutions for digital marketing to boost the productivity of our client’s business. We continuously explore new strategies and unique methods to assure an active and ever-evolving online presence for your business.

Our Digital Marketing Services include:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization We are a brilliant team of technical and innovative experts dedicated to intelligent search engine marketing. The marketers at Silver Touch run exceptionally successful search engine optimization (SEO) and paid SEO campaigns using a smart combination of data, technology and of course creativity.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is a golden opportunity to engage with your existing and prospective customers. We start by performing a digital audit, build your target audience, engage with influencers, make social postings and adverts, and at last we deliver a comprehensive monthly report to know where you stand.

PPC Management

PPC Management PPC always keep changing. People’s intentions, landscape, technology and platforms continue to emerge. Silver Touch has the right team of talented professionals, advanced technology and approach to ensure your PPC activity stays at the forefront of digital innovation.

Video Editing


Online advertising, also called online marketing or Internet advertising or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.


The process of managing a project such as a meeting, convention, tradeshow, ceremony, (link is external)team building activity, party, or convention.


It requires a form of source media (e.g. a video camera, an audio interface, screen capture software), an encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher, and a content delivery network to distribute and deliver the content


Every couple are unique, we tailor each package to meet your requirements and needs.We only take limited amount of booking each year to ensure top quality products and customer service


The job duties of film and video editors are numerous. An employee might find himself studying scripts to understand the storyline and collaborating with directors, producers, and film staff regarding the script and director's goals. Throughout the filming, the film editor will examine tapes for editing purposes, looking for errors, segments that run long or parts that do not match the story or go with the storyline. He will work with others adding sounds, voices and music that match the script and place them in the appropriate place.


Altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image either electronically, photo-chemically or digitally. ... The earlier photo-chemical film process, known as color timing, was performed at a photographic laboratory.

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